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With 20 years of experience in molecular analysis for the Agricultural Sector, here at Sistemas Genómicos we have broad knowledge regarding the needs and trends in the field of sustainability and food safety.

There are many possibilities in biotechnology for molecular classification of varieties/individuals, applicable to different fields in food and agriculture production. Here at Sistemas Genómicos, we offer specialist scientific/technological consulting service to help our customers in choosing the most cost-effective analysis in line with their specific interests.

  • Differentiating different varieties of plants
  • Analysis, validations, development of new molecular markers (SSR, SNPs)
  • Consulting for Marker Assisted Selection (MAS) Programmes
  • Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) Services
  • Analysis, design and development of tailor-made bioinformatics tools
  • Advanced studies of massive studies

Types of service we offer:

Tailor-made solutions: Personalised Research

Research and development for new plant varieties is of utmost importance for the development of the agricultural sector, based on the technical innovation on which all of the food supply chain depends.

Sistemas Genómicos is participating in this plant revolution by offering over 20 years of experience in plant genetics for those working in artificial selection.

Using various molecular techniques (PCR, microarray, conventional sequencing), massive sequencing techniques (genome and transcriptome sequencing, targeted resequencing, miRNAs, metatranscriptomics, epigenetics) and bioinformatics, we suggest personalised projects that act as an effective solution for the needs of the sector:

  • Cutting-Edge Technology

  • Combination of traditional and next generation techniques

  • Bioinformatics

  • Development of cutting-edge solutions

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Consulting in the Plant Sector

  • Genetic artificial selection

    The identification of molecular markers associated with features of interest for agriculture makes it easier to select specimen with the genotype of interest early on and, as a result, allows us to hugely reduce the costs involved in maintaining the seedlings.

  • Identification of Varieties

    Genetic classification of the varieties allows for the protection of the breeder’s rights, helping to settle conflicts related to intellectual property (denomination of origin, etc.). Genetic diversity studies.

  • Genetic diversity studies

    The classification of the variability on a molecular level in plants is critical for coming up with the right strategies for conserving diversity, for example the establishment of germplasm banks.

  • Soil Analysis

    Through Metagenome examination, we can know the structure of microscopic communities existing in the same place at the same time

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Consulting in the Livestock Sector

  • Genetic Selective Breeding

    The molecular classification of animal species and the identification of features of interest improves the sustainability of livestock production, making it more effective and increasing profitability.

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Implementation of Standard 17025

Sistemas Genómicos offers consulting services for implementing and setting up Molecular Biology laboratories, from the very start until they are in operation, with subsequent consulting for the implementation of standards such as 17025.

The experience and specialisation of Sistemas Genómicos in molecular biology techniques allows us to offer a range of related services, evaluating installations and equipment, specialised training, technical help, consulting services for implementing the technical requirements stipulated in Standard ISO 17025, etc.

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